Hello and welcome, my name is Luka and I am a fashion photographer.

As in most things, it started as a hobby between me and Bo (@_missbo). The Internet changed everything, and as Instagram started to rise, so did our focus on photography, from a hobby to a full-time job. Our journey was filled with ups and downs, but eventually, we got the rhythm down, and now have successful careers where we felt confident that we can improve your workflow with what took us years to perfect. To be precise, Lightroom presets are of course nothing new in the market, they are widely used as a starting point for most professionals to base their images depending on the setting, mood, or of course the subject.

As most of you know, I am primarily interested in portraits where the goal is to have sharp features of people and use the surrounding area in interesting ways to complete the picture. Part of the job is of course to match colors and avoid spilling the foreground into the background, aim for ideal light, and so on. But once the picture is taken, it is time to make it “Instagram ready”, with my signature mood and feel. 

That is where presets come in. Of course, you could always use the default presets that may color editing programs have, but I find them often to be very harsh and hard to work with, because after all, just slapping a filter on the image isn't enough. It is the starting point, to set the mood, but after that, each picture requires a personal touch to make it just perfect. 

In this store, I have compiled a set of presets that I have grown accustomed to using on every picture I take that eventually ends up on Instagram. Each set has a wide selection of presets that you can quickly browse on every picture in Lightroom, and once you choose the ideal mood for your picture, the time it takes for final adjustments is far shorter than starting every picture from the beginning. You can of course see the differences in our before/after examples but bear in mind that not every photo is the same and results will vary greatly based on the fact if you took the picture with a cellphone or digital camera. With that in mind, we have divided the presets for mobile and PC/MAC users into separate downloads to make the whole process smoother, and of course, provided the quick tutorial to set up everything without any trouble.