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Hi, my name is Luka,

I’m a fashion photographer. My work is mostly known as a creator for a model Bo (Check her out - @_missbo). 

I’m primarily interested in portraits where the goal is to have sharp features of people and use the surrounding area in interesting ways to complete the picture. Part of the job is of course to match colors and avoid spilling the foreground into background, aim for ideal light, and so on. But once the picture is taken, it is time to make it “Instagram ready”, with my signature mood and feel. That is where presets come in.

I have compiled a set of presets that I have grown accustomed to use on every picture I take that eventually ends up on Instagram.

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My Gear


Pretty much everything I own, and my go to is Sony a7III with Sigma 35mm lens (click on image for more)


All I need for editing my photos (click on image for more)


I'm not much into videos yet, but this is what I use when I use it (click on image for more)